Tugas Akhir Semester Ganjil 2018/2019
Mata Kuliah: Qiroatul Kutub

Dosen Pengampu: Fiska Ilyasir

Download teks .pdf bahasa arab yang ada di link berikut ini:

  1. Kerjakan tugas pada dokumen yang telah didownload tersebut!
  2. Tugas dikerjakan tulis tangan di kertas folio bergaris.
  3. Tugas dikerjakan secara mandiri.
  4. Tugas yang telah selesai dikerjakan dikumpulkan di meja saya paling lambat tanggal 22 Januari 2019 pukul 16.00

Tugas UTS Qiroatul Kutub

Tugas Tengah Semester Ganjil 2019/2020
Mata Kuliah: Qiroatul Kutub
Dosen Pengampu: Fiska Ilyasir

Download teks .pdf bahasa arab yang ada di link berikut ini:

  1. Terjemahkan teks yang telah didownload tersebut ke dalam bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar!
  2.  Tugas dapat dilakukan secara berkelompok dengan anggota tidak lebih dari 3 mahasiswa.
  3. Tugas yang telah selesai dikerjakan dikirim melalui email dengan subject UTS-QK paling lambat tanggal 15 Nov 2019.

Putri Island at Pulau Seribu

Putri Island is a small island north of Java and is approximately 90 minutes drive from the sea port of Marina ancol. Putri Island is a very comfortable, and very nice to spend time to relax and eliminate fatigue. Various recreational facilities are available. There are diving facilities, underwater aquarium, glass bottom boat, swimming pool, sunset cruise, exploring the islands in Pilau Seribu in the afternoon (only available on weekends), or even a Tennis court.

Komodo Dragon

Real dragons spurt no fire, have no need to fly and cast no magic spells. And still, one look from them might render you speechless. These komodos, the real life dragons, are a sight indeed. Gigantic, the lizard-like creatures are about two or three meters in length. They can easily weigh about 165 kilograms. Despite of their sheer size and appearance, they are not active hunters. What makes them intimidating is the fact that they are a patient predator. In the wild, they stalk a victim, usually a weak or injured one. One bite and that's what it usually takes. After following the victim for a while, sometimes up to several days' time, the komodos will devour the dying prey.

Anambas Archipelago, Riau

Anambas archipelago (Indonesian: Kepulauan Anambas) is a small archipelago of Indonesia, located in the South China Sea between the Malaysian mainland to the west and the island of Borneo to the east. Geographically part of the Tudjuh Archipelago], it is administratively a regency and part of the Riau Islands Province.